I must confess first for my dirty words.

But what a fucking hot day!

Without the weather, actually it's a weird but perfect day.

So many new faces, lots of conversations.

Some of them annoy me, but most of them makes me feel great.

Seems like the fluid of language exchanging,

I just can't but burst out laughing and typing.

Wonderful exercising of my brain!

I'm loving it!


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  • 喔喔喔 不虧是外文系的
  • 互相恭維這招我們很擅長嘛XD

    diminuendo 於 2010/03/10 01:21 回覆

  • 鐵雄
  • 春冰薄,人情更薄;登天難,求人更難。
  • 需要以這般文字掩蓋文字背後醜陋的意圖嗎?

    diminuendo 於 2010/03/10 01:22 回覆