Thank you, Shawn, you are the only one who loves me the most
Treats me like I'm your angel
Allows me to do everything
Babe, the love between us will last forever
Will never change

Thank you, William, I always call you "my little boyfriend"
Haha, you're the one that I hope to treasure forever
Although the gap of ages are among us
But that doesn't matter and doesn't mean anything
Till the day I'm going to become Grandma
I still wanna be your friend

Thank you, Linda, or "Eric"
You are one of my best freinds
Listen to my words, help me deal with almost everything
How lucky I have chance to become ur friend
If you want, I'll always be ur ears, companion and trash cans

Thank you, Nihn
A hello msg from America
Do u know this is such a wonderful start of a new year?
Just because of ur concern
I wanna attend ur wedding
make sure you come to mine

With you all
I'm really the luckiest girl in the world


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