I don't want to face the silence,
I don't want to solve any problems.
Thinking of these really bothers me a lot,
It seems that I'm not strong anymore,
afraid that I won't get responses,
so scared to look at the reactions.
Maybe there's still a line between us,
that's so hard to cross.
I just can't pretend it didn't happen,
those important things for me mean nothing to you,
I really try hard to give out my amicability.
And you still don't know.
that's life, he said so.
We just have no ideas to change it.
Through so many years, you won't know how true it is until it's broken
such as there's nothing you can trust and rely on
you saw the situation how we got along today,
there's something gone and hasn't come back.
I really want to fulfill the promise we made a month ago.
but it seems impossible now.
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